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Hello, my fellow Grimmsters, Grimmlins, Sexenbiests, and Hexenhunks! I know I’ve been offline for a bit, especially with the Grimm hiatus but now the break is over! And, boy oh boy, did I make a few RIGHT calls for a change! I don’t do recaps, plenty of sites out there do that so I’m not interested in competing, but I do want to share my thoughts so far.  Spoilers from here on out:

grimm face off

So, the Cap is a “good guy”, just like I’d had it called from day one… sure he had Adalind attempt to kill Aunt Marie, but I knew there had to be a reason for it – a motive not even known to Adalind and now we know that is exactly the case! Oh, and by the way, I LOVED one thing about Adalind… she demanded that he be “himself” before they did the roll in the woods and that is how I would have him… okay, that’s not entirely true as I’d have him any way I could but still… I love it when he woges!

adalind pregnantSpeaking of Adalind… wow… so whose baby do you think she’s having? The Cap’s? Eric’s (Renard’s ‘legit’ brother), or maybe even Hank’s? In the real world, you don’t get a positive result on a pregnancy test a few hours or days after having done the deed, but, hey, it *is* television so who knows, right? We all know she’s been all up in Eric’s you know what so there is always that possibility. But keep in mind that Hank wasn’t oh so long ago either. In fact, if there were a real world thing, my money would be on Hank. And that is actually my hope but I’ll get to that in a bit. Either way, we know that no matter whose baby it is, she will use it to control our beloved Renard. If it is Hank’s though, that will only last until birth and then what? *shrugs*

So, why do I hope that the baby is Hank’s? That’s easy, because I ship them. Wha??? She had someone beat the snot out of him so why in the world would that go down? Well, because I think he can make her happy and vice versa. The man has been through a few wives already so I think he just hasn’t found the *right* woman… er hexenbiest… er hexenbiest turned woman… to settle down with. The only problem right now is Adalind seems to have her heart set on becoming, or at least siring, royalty. She needs to get that nonsense out of her mind but it will take a big fall… and I mean a BIG fall for that to happen. But I bet our sweet heart Hank will (reluctantly) be there to help her pick up the pieces again.

But I have to admit, Adalind’s current pregnancy makes me wonder about our boy’s origins. Was it an affair of the heart? Or did his hexenbiest mom have the same types of ambitions as Adalind? I think the Cap’s loyalties and heart show that perhaps, at least in my mind, that it was an affair of love, not lust and “ambition”.

monrosalee kissAnd in passing mention, how about the love Rosalee showed Monroe upon her arrival back in Portland, eh? *wink wink* Yup, they are definitely a fantastic couple and every Grimm fan I know loves them. Kudos to Silas, Bree and the writers and casting crew on that couple cause it totally works! Monrosalee… *happy sigh* They are the reason why it’s all okay. Both of them have a knack for saving the day, and each other’s hearts. 🙂

Juliette Now WhatAnd Juliette… our poor dear Juliette, thrown into this world she has no clue exists. I see a lot of hatin’ going on online for her calling her helpless and what not but she’s been through a lot! It’s apparent that now, not only will her memories find their way back to her, but that she will now be privy to the world of Grimms and Wesen. It’s enough to make anyone go nuts. Remember, we have Adalind and her dearly departed mum to thank for that fiasco! Give Juliette some time, I have a feeling she will come out on top and be all the better mate for Nick having survived all this madness.

And finally, last but certainly not least, Wu. Dear NBC, when are we getting more Wu? Wu hasn’t been in the spotlight since he was eating carpet after eating Adalind’s cursed cookies for Hank. We need more Wu. KThxBie! Seriously, we need Wu…

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My contribution to the Grimm France Christmas Project

For more info see – deadline is December 15TH!!! Click on image to enlarge.

merry GRIMMmas

Background from  Words and images added by me.

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Grimm Hiatus Challenge Meme – Week 1: Favorite Character

Hello, everyone! My apologies for lagging in blogging, but you all know how hectic the holiday season can be, especially with kids. I want to be sure I’m posting at least once a week and this is a great way to do it!

Daily Grimm on Tumblr has challenged everyone to create a meme once a week until Grimm returns in a few months. Week 1 (this week) is Favorite Character. Well, here’s my Fav Character meme:

Week 1 Fav Character Sean Renard

Who is your fav character? Be sure to share on Tumblr and use tags Grimm, GHC, GHC Week 1.  Next week’s challenge will be favorite Wesen.

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“Sasha Baby” to the tune of “Santa Baby”

The hexenbiest version of “Santa Baby” (Kylie Minogue version at bottom of post):

Sasha Baby

Sasha Baby, just slip a love spell under the tree for me.
Been an awful good ‘biest, Sasha Baby.
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Renard's purification potion

Sasha Baby, the ear to a vengeful reaper too,
I’ll wait up for you, dear.
Sasha Baby, so arm yourself with the scythe tonight.

Renard has Reaper's Ear

Think of all the fun I’ll miss,
while our show is on a hiatus.
Next year it could be just as good,
if you’ll check off my spice shop list.

monroe and renard in the shop

Sasha Baby, I kill the Verrat,
and really that’s not so hot.
Been hexing hard all year,
Sasha Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

kill verrat

Sasha Honey, one little thing I really need,
the key,
to keep from Eric,
Sasha Honey, so break into the trailer tonight.

Renard at the trailer

Sasha Cutie, fill my vision with shirtless rage
and no pants.
Rip open that nice shirt,
Sasha Cutie, and rampage through the house tonight!

shirtless rage

Come, indulge my fantasies
with some purple shirts bought at Armani’s.
I swoon at the sight of you,
when you strut and straighten your tie.

Renard strut

Sasha Baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
the ring.
I want that signet ring,
Sasha Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight…
Hurry down the chimney tonight…
Hurry… tonight…

lovelygrimm signet ring

Great screen cap of the ring on the Cap by @lovelygrimm

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Project Nixed!!! “Possible Questionnaire Opportunity with Sasha Roiz” update

Well, I said I wasn’t promising anything and good thing I didn’t. We got final confirmation that he isn’t interested in doing another questionnaire since fans have access to him on Twitter. My personal advice is to remember to keep it respectful! Remember, he’s a person just like we are and just because he is an actor doesn’t mean that the outside world has to have access to his personal life. Thanks to those that submitted! Go ahead and ask him your questions on Twitter and let us know what his response is; y’all had some great questions!  Thanks again!

So, I’m not promising anything at this point, but I am trying to see if it’s possible to get a list of questions to our guy, Sasha Roiz!  There will be a limit on the number of questions but we’ll worry about that later. Now, before anyone goes question-crazy, please read this one done a while back (link below) and be sure to not ask anything that has already been asked. If you do, then it won’t be included since it was already answered.

by The Unofficial Sasha Roiz Fan Page

So, with that in mind, what are your questions? Please keep in mind to be respectful and thoughtful when asking. Anything deemed too personal, offensive, etc can and will be excluded. Feel free to reply in the comments below, via email (sexenbiests at hotmail dot com), via Tumblr (tag RoizQs), via Twitter (hash tag #RoizQs), or on my Facebook page (please see sidebar for links to all my profiles on these sites). They can be asked with your name included or anonymously, just let me know which you prefer!

The deadline for this is next Monday night/Tuesday morning (November 19th-20th) at midnight Pacific Time. That way, most of you will have had a chance to see the mid-season finale and can have all that info before asking or amending anything you want to ask him.

So what are you waiting on? Get to asking already! 8-D

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Manolete LIVES!!!

Up to Addendum as posted on my Tumblr page:

Manolete lives

Okay, so here is the problem… the zombie was essentially decapitated… really it was. If the spine was still attached to the brain then it could not have had that head flop thing it used to bite Manolete. So this is a HUGE zombie movie fail for this character. And Slack shot him even though he hadn’t turned… that is MURDER! My conclusion is that it was a flub and never should have gone down like that… MANOLETE LIVES, BITCHES!


LOTD Decapitated zombie not a real zombieClearly we can see that the head is NOT attached to the spine. And when this supposedly still walking zombie bites, he flips his head over revealing that the head is not attached by the actual spinal cord.

First, the spinal cord is held within the vertebrae and that is not the case with the still connected tissue. Plus, we have only one spinal cord, so that is not what it is attached. It would seem to be muscle tissue keeping the head on, not the spinal cord itself. And the spinal cord is bigger than the little curly thing that also seems to be attached so that is not, in fact, the spinal cord. So if the brain and the spinal cord are severed, the zombie is dead. My stance remains: Manolete lives!!!

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Wesen Shame?

Monroe Blutbad

Monroe is a blutbad, well reformed blutbad.

I have no clue if this is the intent of the writers but am I the only person that sees parallels to our society when the Wesen hide themselves, pretending to be something they are not (human, that is)? From what I gather, Wesen may or may not normally have a woge moment now and then but that is because they momentarily loose control of their appearance. I hate, I repeat – HATE – that they have to hide! They shouldn’t have to hide. They are beautiful being who they are and instead of being themselves loud and proud, they hide. They blend in with the societal standards to blend in.

I see so many issues that this one thing points out in real life, especially when it comes to bullying and shame regarding race, sexual orientation, weight, age, etc. We pretty much all hide ourselves. One would think that in our time, such issues would have gone away by now but the fact is, it hasn’t. We’ve all done it: tried to dress like someone else, act like someone else, talk like someone else… Why are we, in a time when we as  a species are supposedly more enlightened than previous generations, still trying to be other people? Why are we so desperate to fit in, to fit something that doesn’t fit us?

Sean Renard Woge Morph

While Renard has been able to gain near complete control of suppressing his woge, his hexenbiest half, I find his true form to be the most engaging, sexy thing about him. I wish he would embrace it and be who he really is – an amazing creature that truly doesn’t need an official royal throne to have those loyal to him… be who you are and own it!

It’s a question that deserves much contemplation and for each person to find their own answers. I’m not perfect. Never have been, never will be. But once I was able to grasp this concept and let go of what I thought I wanted to be a part of, I began to be happier with myself. Try to let go of all the hatred you have, all the anger and the fear.

For example, getting back to the point of the Grimm reference, Nick not only quickly accepted who he is, but he went in with an open mind and open heart. He doesn’t target every Wesen he sees. He protects those that are not a threat. He’s not like any other Grimm in that respect. He doesn’t bear any ill will to Wesen in general, just because they are Wesen. As a Grimm, Nick fits the Non-Aggression Principle to a “T”! (Simply put, you do not initiate force or violence against another but it’s not pacifism.) In behaving in this manner, Nick has gained a great many number of friends and those loyal to him.

If, in the real world, we can learn to let go of the notion that people must fit our own model in order to be accepted then we can do some amazing things as a species. While the human heart, mind, and soul can be overcome with hate and ignorance; the flip side is that they can also be filled with a great amount of selfless love and generosity. I like to think that deep down, we are all peaceful people – but we let learned things get in the way. We CAN unlearn them and become fully who we were meant to be…

I hope this blog entry does two things:

  1. Challenge you to rethink your paradigm. Take time to really think about your ideals and how you judge others based on those ideals.
  2. Allow yourself to look in the mirror and be sure that what you see looking back at you, is what you want the world to see when they see you. And I don’t mean your skin, medical history, sexual orientation, etc… Will the world look at you and say, “This is a more peaceful place with you in it.”

Hate will get us nowhere quickly. Many, many horrid acts of murder, war, torture and more are done in the name of ignorance. It’s high time this nonsense stopped. We are one in this universe. It’s time we started acting like it.

Rosalee woge morph

Rosalee is pushing the boundaries on what is okay to accept as normal. She has even made Kelly (Nick’s mom and hardcore Wesen hunter) pause to think that being friends doesn’t mean the end of the world is approaching…

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