Renard Pumpkin Carving Template

Wow… this was easier than I thought, but still a lot of work. So I wanted to carve up a pumpkin with our Royal Highness’s very sexy woge. I’m obsessed with the Cap.’s woge; they way his true self looks, the way he looks at himself in the mirror (a kind of self loathing that you just want to reach out and carress the hexen-half of him and say, “Baby, it’s okay…” and plant a big, juicy kiss on those deformed lips – yes, I know I’m strange. Very, very strange…). So what better look to put on a pumpkin than our Prince Charming in his true form?

But I’m not a pumpkin carving master. I do okay if I have a template but, let’s face it, Grimm hasn’t hit the pumpkin carving template books sold in stores yet…. So, I utilized the greatest library that exists today to find out how to turn a picture into a pumpkin carving template: the internet. I found this great article about doing just that. I used GIMP to do this but it’s all the same going through the menu (both Levels and Threshold are under the Colors menu).  Being this is for a pumpkin, a lot of details had to be nixed but I think the final template is still very true to Sean’s woge.  I hope that everyone enjoys this and is able to use it or use that article as a guide to creating their own. I want to point out that the numbers used in that article for things like the levels did NOT work for this picture so I just played with it until I felt it looked like it should.

I would LOVE to see any pictures of people using this template on their pumpkins so let me know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr (see sidebar for links) how it all turns out for you. I, too, will be posting a picture of a (hopefully) successful pumpkin version of Renard’s Sexy Woge. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Renard's woge morph

This was the screen capture I chose for the template


Renard Woge Pumpkin Carving Template

Please remember I’m not pumpkin carving expert. If you find that some of the lines are too close/thin, improvise, change it, make it your own! 🙂 Also, in this image, you would be carving out the white parts, but to save ink, invert the colors and carve out the black!


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