Why I love Renard and Sasha Roiz

I would love to say that I’ve been holding off on this one because of waiting to find out more about our beloved, if still mysterious, Captain Sean Renard (played by the drop dead gorgeous Sasha Roiz). However, the truth is I’ve been super busy. But my kids are on my pc, so I’m using another to do a write up on our dear captain. 😉

Sean Renard

Photo Credit: NBC Grimm

What we know about the captain is that he’s mad gorgeous and goes shirtless… well, yes, but let me go back to substance… then we’ll drool later…. So, anyway, he seems to be always looking out for Nick. Nick has no clue that his boss is somehow connected to him and the Wesen. We (the fans) have no idea what the cap.’s intentions are… at all! One moment you think he’s going to be a good guy, then the next he’s doing something that makes you really question where he’s at on the scale. Perhaps that’s one of the things that keeps a shameless hexenbiest such as myself intrigued. (Yes, I’m a blutbitch and a shameless hexenbiest – my parents had a strange relationship… go figure… Um, just kidding of course, my folks aren’t Wesen, that I know of.) He’s polished and formal and fits right in with the upper ranks of society but in a flash will turn into a ass kicking machine without batting a gorgeous eye. (Speaking of his eyes, I think they are green though they appear to sometimes be blue and I’ve seen people on other fan sites claim they are brown. I have no idea what they are but being a green-eyed gal myself, I’m going with green!)

Grimm: Season 1 DVD (Widescreen)

We know he tried to have Adalind and others kill Aunt Marie but he’s constantly throwing reapers off Nick to protect him. I think I’m starting to understand why, but at risk of giving out spoilers, I digress. We know he’s some sort of royalty but what? At first I was thinking what NBC’s Grimm site says:

Sasha Roiz stars in NBC’s sophomore drama series “Grimm” as Captain Renard, Nick’s politically adept superior officer and a descendant of a powerful line of Grimm royalty.

So, if he’s a Grimm of some sort, what’s up with this picture?

Renard morphs

Renard morphs before purification – Please, Cap’n, woge again… It’s frakkin’ hawt! 😉

If he is indeed a Grimm of some sort, is this what Nick looks like when he is able to see Wesen woge (morph)? I’ve wondered that… like what is it about Nick that the Wesen see that they automatically know he’s a Grimm? Is this it? Also, hexenbiest are automatically loyal to royalty and Adalind and her mother, Catherine, are proof of that. But why? The Cap.’s woge is sort of reminds me of a hexenbiest morph because of the rotting look of the skin and the missing eye. Let’s not forget that Grimms seem to be able to easily resist the Coins of Zakynthos; however, our beloved captain came under their spell rather quickly, so what’s up with that?!? I may be way off on my train of thought here; just throwing ideas and theories around… If Nick needs a volunteer to “investigate” the cap.’s tongue to see if there is a mark there, I would be more than ready to step up to the plate! 😉

Renard shirtless

Capt. Renard comes under the spell of the coins, while us fangirls squeal with delight! :p

Some more that has been revealed is that (POSSIBLE SPOILERS if not caught up!) he has family in Europe and we have seen at least one brother so far; he is looking for something that Nick has. Nick has stumbled on this thing’s purpose as a map. Well so much for no spoilers but that’s my theory – that Renard is trying to be all nice like and get this map. But why be nice about it once he gets his hands on it? We shall see! As close as Nick thinks he is to his captain, things may get ugly quick if I’m right!

The key laid end over end makes a map

The key laid end over end makes a map

Things sort have already gotten ugly but Nick doesn’t know it yet. Not only did the captain try to have Nick’s aunt murdered, he laid a rather soft smackeroo on Juilette’s lips! Yup! The prince (after a painful, yet hawtly-shirtless, purification process) kissed Juilette (Nick’s fiance) to get her out of her coma – though Rosalee’s concoction was too late to stop her memory loss of Nick.

Renard's purification

Renard had to be purified by a potion in order to awaken Juliette with a kiss… gives new meaning to the phrase “Smokin’ Hot!”

So what is next? Will the now awake sleeping beauty begin to fall for the captain before she has a chance to remember Nick and their love? When will the truth about the captain be revealed to Nick (and us) and how will Nick react? Will Nick ever find out about the situation with his aunt, his fiance, and his entire career? We won’t know until that time comes! I almost hate for it to come. As much as I want to know who/what the captain is, I also enjoy the mystery of it all… The captain is tall, extremely handsome and dark indeed! Just what every woman dreams of! But will this dream end up being a nightmare? Keep watching to find out!

Captain Renard

Sean Renard played by Sasha Roiz

An extra word on actor Sasha Roiz. I won’t go into a bio as that is readily available on other sites (Grimm, IMDB, Wikipedia and more). His hypnotizing eyes, incredible bod (6′ 4″ – wow!), and enormous presence on screen (and assume on stage as well) makes him an unforgettable person to watch perform. My first real time seeing him was on Grimm; however, it’s not even close to his first appearance in film and on television. I checked out his credits and noticed that Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, was listed.

Please allow me to interject here, I’m a newcomer to a lot of great sci-fi shows. I’ve loved sci-fi all my life, along with horror and fantasy. But I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to watching shows as they are released (being able to keep up with Grimm is a rare treat for me). I’m a wife and mother so entertainment takes a back shelf far more than I would like it to. After all, these shows offer us an escape, just as books do, and let us enjoy being someone, somewhere else for a little while.

So, back on topic, I’ve never seen BSG. I have been wanting to and, thanks to Netflix Instant Play, I’m able to start watching all the shows that I wanted to see but never could make the time for when they aired. So, upon seeing Sasha Roiz portraying Sam Adama on Caprica, I had to watch it.

Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama on Caprica

Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama on Caprica – Um… Yum!

Now, maybe I’m being partial here, since I’m already a Sasha fan going in but I truly think that Sam Adama is my favorite character out of the entire series. He wasn’t a main character like brother Joseph Adama; however, his part is so important to the series that it would not be complete without him. Sam is a mob enforcer with no remorse (seemingly) for his job. He’s an assassian as well and dons some pretty spectacular ink on a pretty spectacular bod when doing a ritual kill. But, all the “bad” stuff aside (bad is in the eye of the beholder and I do love a good bad guy!), Sam is the ONLY character in the entire series that remains loyal to his principles. In fact, the Guatrau (Tauron mob boss) even calls Daniel Graystone out as an ambitious man and a danger, all the while holding too much trust in Sam. Daniel and the Guatrau are both ambitious and the Guatrau missed that factoid. Ambitious men sell out their principles, just as Guatrau did by selling Cylons to the STO (a religious terrorist group) instead of sending them back to rebels fighting for survival against genocide back on their home planet of Tauron (which made Sam sway from that Guatrau and help place the new one, the former’s daughter). Graystone sold out many times, ending the lives of so many people, all just because he was trying to resurrect his dead daughter – he couldn’t grieve and instead caused the mourning of many other people lost. But Sam doesn’t do that. He remains true to himself, his beliefs, and all he holds dear. He never abandons his brother, no matter how irritating he is, because he loves him. He doesn’t keep secrets from him (and the Graystones are famous for keeping secrets from one another, negating whatever love they have for each other), he watches out for him, and helps him whenever he needs it, no questions asked. He even was the one to hold Willie (his nephew) as he bled out and died (from taking a bullet while saving Sam and Joseph). He had previously stepped in and become a bit of a surrogate father to Willie when his brother slipped into a depression over the death of his wife and daughter. He’s a loyal employee of the Ha’la’tha (Tauron mob), but will not turn his back on his people, either. Sam is forever being counted on by Joseph, by the Guatrau, by Daniel Graystone, and by his own husband. Yup, his husband. Caprica brought that element in and treated it like it was no big deal, like two men marrying (or multiple partners such as with the Willow family) is nothing unusual, as natural. And Sasha did a fabulous job portraying a bad ass that blew stereotypes out of the water!

Sasha Roiz's photo for the No H8 Campaign

Sasha Roiz’s photo for the NOH8 Campaign

Unfortunately, it would seem that Caprica has been cut short, like so many wonderful shows of actual substance. I saw some people on Netflix calling it a soap opera; however, a soap opera isn’t just a drama. It’s a pointless drama. Caprica isn’t pointless. It’s one of many shows that opens up humankind’s worst traits and shows how good intentions can bring about one’s own downfall, as well as showing how people of power and wealth can corrupt an entire system, causing suffering for everyone. There were a lot of loose ends left with the last episode of that series.

I would love to see a return of Caprica eventually but, for now, I’m enjoying Sasha’s role of Sean Renard on Grimm. Maybe if I can eek out some time I can dedicate some writing time to a fan fic for Sam Adama (oh the fun that would be). In the meantime, enjoy keeping up with him on his Twitter feed and show a little fan love for this exceptional man!


Photos linked to sources when possible. All images belong to Sasha Roiz, NBC Grimm or SyFy Caprica, and NOH8 where applicable. NO copyright infringement intended and all images are within fair use for purpose of reviewing the shows they come from.

Note: I copied this over from my other blog http://newscififangirl.wordpress.com so some of it is out of date. We also now know he is half hexenbiest which is why his royal kin shun him. I had been right about adverse effects of the potion on him and Juliette and it seems there is even more mystery to our beloved Renard as it’s been pointed out that there are pictures of a child in his office and home, plus the wedding ring/rings on his fingers… So, stay tuned as the Captain’s mysteries are revealed!


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2 Responses to Why I love Renard and Sasha Roiz

  1. Mary Sheli says:

    Great shots of Sasha, I am happy to say I have a dream or two with him both pleasant. He is a welcome soul on my screen, one that oozes charisma, warmth and depth. I am happy for him to have landed this role and know it will certainly shoot him to the stars, rather thrust him beyond. I certainly will be messaging the universe of my eagerness to meet him in the flesh. lol

    • RedDesilets says:

      I can’t wait for Season 3 of Grimm! I was elated to hear that there is indeed another season coming our way. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

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