Wesen Shame?

Monroe Blutbad

Monroe is a blutbad, well reformed blutbad.

I have no clue if this is the intent of the writers but am I the only person that sees parallels to our society when the Wesen hide themselves, pretending to be something they are not (human, that is)? From what I gather, Wesen may or may not normally have a woge moment now and then but that is because they momentarily loose control of their appearance. I hate, I repeat – HATE – that they have to hide! They shouldn’t have to hide. They are beautiful being who they are and instead of being themselves loud and proud, they hide. They blend in with the societal standards to blend in.

I see so many issues that this one thing points out in real life, especially when it comes to bullying and shame regarding race, sexual orientation, weight, age, etc. We pretty much all hide ourselves. One would think that in our time, such issues would have gone away by now but the fact is, it hasn’t. We’ve all done it: tried to dress like someone else, act like someone else, talk like someone else… Why are we, in a time when we as  a species are supposedly more enlightened than previous generations, still trying to be other people? Why are we so desperate to fit in, to fit something that doesn’t fit us?

Sean Renard Woge Morph

While Renard has been able to gain near complete control of suppressing his woge, his hexenbiest half, I find his true form to be the most engaging, sexy thing about him. I wish he would embrace it and be who he really is – an amazing creature that truly doesn’t need an official royal throne to have those loyal to him… be who you are and own it!

It’s a question that deserves much contemplation and for each person to find their own answers. I’m not perfect. Never have been, never will be. But once I was able to grasp this concept and let go of what I thought I wanted to be a part of, I began to be happier with myself. Try to let go of all the hatred you have, all the anger and the fear.

For example, getting back to the point of the Grimm reference, Nick not only quickly accepted who he is, but he went in with an open mind and open heart. He doesn’t target every Wesen he sees. He protects those that are not a threat. He’s not like any other Grimm in that respect. He doesn’t bear any ill will to Wesen in general, just because they are Wesen. As a Grimm, Nick fits the Non-Aggression Principle to a “T”! (Simply put, you do not initiate force or violence against another but it’s not pacifism.) In behaving in this manner, Nick has gained a great many number of friends and those loyal to him.

If, in the real world, we can learn to let go of the notion that people must fit our own model in order to be accepted then we can do some amazing things as a species. While the human heart, mind, and soul can be overcome with hate and ignorance; the flip side is that they can also be filled with a great amount of selfless love and generosity. I like to think that deep down, we are all peaceful people – but we let learned things get in the way. We CAN unlearn them and become fully who we were meant to be…

I hope this blog entry does two things:

  1. Challenge you to rethink your paradigm. Take time to really think about your ideals and how you judge others based on those ideals.
  2. Allow yourself to look in the mirror and be sure that what you see looking back at you, is what you want the world to see when they see you. And I don’t mean your skin, medical history, sexual orientation, etc… Will the world look at you and say, “This is a more peaceful place with you in it.”

Hate will get us nowhere quickly. Many, many horrid acts of murder, war, torture and more are done in the name of ignorance. It’s high time this nonsense stopped. We are one in this universe. It’s time we started acting like it.

Rosalee woge morph

Rosalee is pushing the boundaries on what is okay to accept as normal. She has even made Kelly (Nick’s mom and hardcore Wesen hunter) pause to think that being friends doesn’t mean the end of the world is approaching…

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