Manolete LIVES!!!

Up to Addendum as posted on my Tumblr page:

Manolete lives

Okay, so here is the problem… the zombie was essentially decapitated… really it was. If the spine was still attached to the brain then it could not have had that head flop thing it used to bite Manolete. So this is a HUGE zombie movie fail for this character. And Slack shot him even though he hadn’t turned… that is MURDER! My conclusion is that it was a flub and never should have gone down like that… MANOLETE LIVES, BITCHES!


LOTD Decapitated zombie not a real zombieClearly we can see that the head is NOT attached to the spine. And when this supposedly still walking zombie bites, he flips his head over revealing that the head is not attached by the actual spinal cord.

First, the spinal cord is held within the vertebrae and that is not the case with the still connected tissue. Plus, we have only one spinal cord, so that is not what it is attached. It would seem to be muscle tissue keeping the head on, not the spinal cord itself. And the spinal cord is bigger than the little curly thing that also seems to be attached so that is not, in fact, the spinal cord. So if the brain and the spinal cord are severed, the zombie is dead. My stance remains: Manolete lives!!!

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