“Sasha Baby” to the tune of “Santa Baby”

The hexenbiest version of “Santa Baby” (Kylie Minogue version at bottom of post):

Sasha Baby

Sasha Baby, just slip a love spell under the tree for me.
Been an awful good ‘biest, Sasha Baby.
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Renard's purification potion

Sasha Baby, the ear to a vengeful reaper too,
I’ll wait up for you, dear.
Sasha Baby, so arm yourself with the scythe tonight.

Renard has Reaper's Ear

Think of all the fun I’ll miss,
while our show is on a hiatus.
Next year it could be just as good,
if you’ll check off my spice shop list.

monroe and renard in the shop

Sasha Baby, I kill the Verrat,
and really that’s not so hot.
Been hexing hard all year,
Sasha Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

kill verrat

Sasha Honey, one little thing I really need,
the key,
to keep from Eric,
Sasha Honey, so break into the trailer tonight.

Renard at the trailer

Sasha Cutie, fill my vision with shirtless rage
and no pants.
Rip open that nice shirt,
Sasha Cutie, and rampage through the house tonight!

shirtless rage

Come, indulge my fantasies
with some purple shirts bought at Armani’s.
I swoon at the sight of you,
when you strut and straighten your tie.

Renard strut

Sasha Baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
the ring.
I want that signet ring,
Sasha Baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight…
Hurry down the chimney tonight…
Hurry… tonight…

lovelygrimm signet ring

Great screen cap of the ring on the Cap by @lovelygrimm

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Nontraditional student majoring in geology, wife, mom, fossil hunter; love to write, read, make art, listen to music, and occasionally watch TV or a movie.
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2 Responses to “Sasha Baby” to the tune of “Santa Baby”

  1. Mary Jo Mann says:

    Awesome! You did a great job;). MJMann

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