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Hello, my fellow Grimmsters, Grimmlins, Sexenbiests, and Hexenhunks! I know I’ve been offline for a bit, especially with the Grimm hiatus but now the break is over! And, boy oh boy, did I make a few RIGHT calls for a change! I don’t do recaps, plenty of sites out there do that so I’m not interested in competing, but I do want to share my thoughts so far.  Spoilers from here on out:

grimm face off

So, the Cap is a “good guy”, just like I’d had it called from day one… sure he had Adalind attempt to kill Aunt Marie, but I knew there had to be a reason for it – a motive not even known to Adalind and now we know that is exactly the case! Oh, and by the way, I LOVED one thing about Adalind… she demanded that he be “himself” before they did the roll in the woods and that is how I would have him… okay, that’s not entirely true as I’d have him any way I could but still… I love it when he woges!

adalind pregnantSpeaking of Adalind… wow… so whose baby do you think she’s having? The Cap’s? Eric’s (Renard’s ‘legit’ brother), or maybe even Hank’s? In the real world, you don’t get a positive result on a pregnancy test a few hours or days after having done the deed, but, hey, it *is* television so who knows, right? We all know she’s been all up in Eric’s you know what so there is always that possibility. But keep in mind that Hank wasn’t oh so long ago either. In fact, if there were a real world thing, my money would be on Hank. And that is actually my hope but I’ll get to that in a bit. Either way, we know that no matter whose baby it is, she will use it to control our beloved Renard. If it is Hank’s though, that will only last until birth and then what? *shrugs*

So, why do I hope that the baby is Hank’s? That’s easy, because I ship them. Wha??? She had someone beat the snot out of him so why in the world would that go down? Well, because I think he can make her happy and vice versa. The man has been through a few wives already so I think he just hasn’t found the *right* woman… er hexenbiest… er hexenbiest turned woman… to settle down with. The only problem right now is Adalind seems to have her heart set on becoming, or at least siring, royalty. She needs to get that nonsense out of her mind but it will take a big fall… and I mean a BIG fall for that to happen. But I bet our sweet heart Hank will (reluctantly) be there to help her pick up the pieces again.

But I have to admit, Adalind’s current pregnancy makes me wonder about our boy’s origins. Was it an affair of the heart? Or did his hexenbiest mom have the same types of ambitions as Adalind? I think the Cap’s loyalties and heart show that perhaps, at least in my mind, that it was an affair of love, not lust and “ambition”.

monrosalee kissAnd in passing mention, how about the love Rosalee showed Monroe upon her arrival back in Portland, eh? *wink wink* Yup, they are definitely a fantastic couple and every Grimm fan I know loves them. Kudos to Silas, Bree and the writers and casting crew on that couple cause it totally works! Monrosalee… *happy sigh* They are the reason why it’s all okay. Both of them have a knack for saving the day, and each other’s hearts. 🙂

Juliette Now WhatAnd Juliette… our poor dear Juliette, thrown into this world she has no clue exists. I see a lot of hatin’ going on online for her calling her helpless and what not but she’s been through a lot! It’s apparent that now, not only will her memories find their way back to her, but that she will now be privy to the world of Grimms and Wesen. It’s enough to make anyone go nuts. Remember, we have Adalind and her dearly departed mum to thank for that fiasco! Give Juliette some time, I have a feeling she will come out on top and be all the better mate for Nick having survived all this madness.

And finally, last but certainly not least, Wu. Dear NBC, when are we getting more Wu? Wu hasn’t been in the spotlight since he was eating carpet after eating Adalind’s cursed cookies for Hank. We need more Wu. KThxBie! Seriously, we need Wu…

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