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Nontraditional student majoring in geology, wife, mom, fossil hunter; love to write, read, make art, listen to music, and occasionally watch TV or a movie.

Checking in…

Hello, my fellow Grimmsters, Grimmlins, Sexenbiests, and Hexenhunks! I know I’ve been offline for a bit, especially with the Grimm hiatus but now the break is over! And, boy oh boy, did I make a few RIGHT calls for a … Continue reading

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My contribution to the Grimm France Christmas Project

For more info see – deadline is December 15TH!!! Click on image to enlarge. Background from  Words and images added by me.

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Grimm Hiatus Challenge Meme – Week 1: Favorite Character

Hello, everyone! My apologies for lagging in blogging, but you all know how hectic the holiday season can be, especially with kids. I want to be sure I’m posting at least once a week and this is a great way … Continue reading

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“Sasha Baby” to the tune of “Santa Baby”

The hexenbiest version of “Santa Baby” (Kylie Minogue version at bottom of post): Sasha Baby, just slip a love spell under the tree for me. Been an awful good ‘biest, Sasha Baby. So hurry down the chimney tonight. Sasha Baby, … Continue reading

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Project Nixed!!! “Possible Questionnaire Opportunity with Sasha Roiz” update

Well, I said I wasn’t promising anything and good thing I didn’t. We got final confirmation that he isn’t interested in doing another questionnaire since fans have access to him on Twitter. My personal advice is to remember to keep … Continue reading

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Manolete LIVES!!!

Up to Addendum as posted on my Tumblr page: Okay, so here is the problem… the zombie was essentially decapitated… really it was. If the spine was still attached to the brain then it could not have had that head … Continue reading

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Wesen Shame?

I have no clue if this is the intent of the writers but am I the only person that sees parallels to our society when the Wesen hide themselves, pretending to be something they are not (human, that is)? From … Continue reading

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